Terms and Conditions

Late fees
If you are late returning a package, or we are unable to collect it from you at the agreed time, we will charge a penalty fee equivalent to the daily hire fee per board per day, plus a £5 failed collection fee per day, if our couriers come to collect and the kit isn’t available.

As long as you look after the kit, you will not be charged for minor damage. We ralise that minor scratches, scrapes and nicks can happen, and this is just part of wear and tear expected.    But if you do cause major damage, then we will have to recover some of the cost.

Loss and theft
If for some reason the kit is not returned, we will charge your credit card with the price of the kit not returned. If paddles, fins, paddles are damaged or broken and not servicable then these will be charged for. The list of charges is elsewhere on the site. If the product is stolen then, subject to the theft being reported to the police and a crime number being obtained, the excess of £300 will be charged. If no valid crime number is given, we will charge your card the full retail value of the kit.

Am I insured?
We carry public liability insurance up to £3 Million. Customers could be charged a maximum of £300 for any claim on Damage, Loss or Theft whilst hiring our boards.

Can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel at any time up to 14 days in advance without any cancellation fee being charged. If you cancel within 14 days of the start of your hire period, we charge a cancellation fee of £25.

The small print

  1. Paddleboard, SUP, Kayak Hire is not responsible for the use of the equipment. We only provide equipment to be used under the skills and abilities of the hirer, we require no proof of ability and offer no advice or instruction in the use of the equipment and how they are to be used.
  2. The hirer acknowledges that they are responsible for their own safety and that of their group when hiring equipment, which involves inherent risk.
  3. The Hirer agrees to return the items on the stated day in the condition in which they received them. Any damaged equipment will be charged for at full retail price for replacement or repair if deemed appropriate, regardless of how damage was caused.
  4. Paddleboard, SUP, Kayak Hire acts in good will when hiring out equipment and as such expects the same from the hirer. We reserve the right to withdraw and collect our equipment at any point and for any reason during a hire period.
  5. The hirer is satisfied with the serviceable condition of the equipment.
  6. No instruction or advice has been sought or given from
    Paddleboard, SUP, Kayak Hire on the use or location best suited to the hirer’s group.