• The owner, Bruce, was one of the first in Cornwall to have paddleboards (2005) and has over 14 years experience in paddle boarding and is a BSUPA instructor. He also builds and designs racing boards and has a patented design on windsurfing centre boards.
  • Soon we can offer taster sessions and safaris around the coast with hire of equipment
  • We can deliver equipment to you  with in a 15 mile radius of St Austell to hotels, campsite etc. for a small fee or you can pick up.
  • We are operational throughout year (dependent on weather) .

Kayak Hire

We use the most advanced molded sea going kayaks to date which are the Feel free range of kayaks. We have single and double kayaks with deluxe seats for your comfort.

Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boards or SUP’s as they have become known, have really started to take off all round the world. These boards can be used for touring, exploring and surfing and are such good fun. Historically I think that this sport began in Hawaii, and for the sport and fitness lovers it was a great way of providing a mid core work out. For those not wanting a wet backside from sit-on Kayaks, this will do it, but there is the slight problem that you just might fall in.

Inflatable Paddleboard Hire

Jobe inflatable paddleboards are some of the lightest yet durable paddleboards on the market. We have the 10’6 and the 11’6 inflatable paddleboards for your enjoyment

Hard paddleboard Hire

If inflatable is not your thing, we also have the very popular and well performing Bic Toughtec paddleboards, 10’6 and 11’6 which are good performers but heavier than the inflatable paddleboards.


Delivered to your door, beach or you collect

Inflatable paddle boards come in a waterproof bag and can be carried easily from the boot of your car to the beach or river.  The pump for inflation is included in the bag and should take no more than 10 minutes.  If you want a kayak or non-inflatable SUP we can meet you at the beach if you do not have a roof rack or deliver to your home address or camp site or holiday destination.  Delivery is £10 in the St Austell area (within 5 miles per road) and £15 within 15 miles by road.

Family day out

A day out with your children on the water is the stuff memories are made of but safety must come first.  All customers need to be able to swim 50 meters. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.