Safety Guidelines*
*This is a guideline only.  Cornwall kayak paddleboard and SUP hire will not be held responsible for the safety of Hirers. Hirers should consult our Terms and Conditions for further clarification.

WEATHER FORECAST FIRST AND FOREMOST. Before going on the water always check the weather forecast. For our local forecast this can be found at and weather, for surf reports try, and other web based forecast sites. It is also on radio cornwall, and printed in the local papers daily.

Weather conditions. Hirers must be aware of offshore winds, especially if hiring inflatable SUPs you can get swept out to sea quickly if you are not careful in an offshore wind. Also if you have no experience of paddleboarding in surf, we would advise you NOT to enter the water till you have sufficient training to cope with the conditions.

Always Supervise young People. All people under 18 years should be supervised when on the water in all conditions at all times.

Wear Personal Flotation Devices. We always recommend the use of a Personal Flotation Device PFD or Life Jacket when using our equipment. We do not allow our equipment for non- swimmers.

Wear The Leash. If you fall off your board firstly retrieve your paddle. In order not to get separated from your board, always attach the leash round your lower leg.

Follow any Local Rules and Advice The coast is unpredictable and it is always advisable to check the sea state before taking to the water. If in doubt, dont go out. Far better to be on land than being on the water wishing you were on land !

Advise People On Land. Always tell someone land based about a trip you intend to take with times and vicinity and report to them when you are back safely.

Take a Mobile Phone. If you can, take a charged mobile phone in a sealed dry bag in case of an emergency.

Take adequate clothing for your trip. I would always advise taking, or wearing a Shortie wetsuit. You can always take it off to your waist. Do not wear water-logging clothes, wellington boots or heavy waterproofs that hinder movement or make you heavier in the water. If you are paddling a distance, take spare clothes in a dry bag. If it’s cold, wear a full wetsuit and wetsuit boots.

Plan your journey. Always be realistic with the distance you plan to travel. Never paddle in the dark or in busy shipping lanes. Always try and paddle upwind first so on way back the wind is helping you.

Plan for Tides. If you are on the sea, be aware of the tide times and strengths and always seek expert advice if unsure. when paddling in rivers, the strongest current is in the middle of the river and smallest normally at the sides.

Protect yourself from the Sun. When on the water, the sun reflects off the water intensifying it’s power. Always Cover up, wear sunscreen, a hat and decent sun glasses (even when it does not seem to be very sunny), especially if you are prone to burning in the sun.

Keep Hydrated and Your Energy Up. Take some water and snacks if you are paddling any distance.

Paddle in Pairs. If you are going on an adventure trip, we strongly recommend that you buddy with another board or another vessel. The more the merrier and safer.

Do not Use Faulty Equipment. We check our kayks and paddleboards before they go out, but items can fail. If you have any doubts about our equipment, do not use and contact us immediately.

INSURANCE INFORMATION. Cornwall kayak paddleboard & SUP hire  is a responsible Hirer of water based equipment and we value our customers safety as our top priority.

We have  specialist SUP Hire Public Liability Insurance up to £3 Million. This means that if customers have an accident on our boards and damage someone else’s equipment, our insurance can pay up to £3 Million in costs whilst the boards are under hire.

Some customers might like to further insure themselves personally for Public Liability should they wish to for further peace of mind and we recommend purchasing your own Personal Public Liability Insurance

Our equiment is also insured for Loss, damage and theft. Under UK Law, the equipment can only be insured once and we have done this already.  Should the equipment be lost, damaged, beyond reasonable repair or stolen whilst under the HIRE AGREEMENT PERIOD, customers will be charged a maximum of £300, and any claims would be made under our insurance policy.