Bic toughtec 11’6

£649.00 £599.00



  • Length – 11’6 foot
  • Width – 32.5 inches
  • Weight – 15.9 kilograms
  • Volume – 215 litres


The BIC Performer 11’6 Tough-Tec for 2019 is a fantastic all-rounder that gives paddlers a considerable amount of glide, making it a great ‘swiss-army knife’ of a SUP. Perfect for riders up to 110kg, the 215 liters of volume provides a stable flat water cruiser that can also ride in a wave easily; the 2019 BIC Performer 11’6 Tough-Tec offer great value without compromising on performance or durability.

The longest of its series, the 2019 Performer 11’6 Tough-Tec from BIC is a fantastic SUP, making it an easy choice for paddlers up to 110kg looking for an all-rounder. Perfect for paddlers looking to combine value and durability, the BIC 11’6 Performer Tough-Tec really excels in the category as well as performing exceptionally well at its price point.

The Performer Tough-Tec series from BIC for 2019 are fantastic all-round SUP shape at great value and come in three sizes; 9’2, 10’6 and 11’6. All three sizes have been inspired by longboard style of surfing; creating these gorgeous and stable wave surfing performers as well as great flat-water cruising SUPs. The average rocker profile maintains both surf and flat water performance; never compromising on either. The EVA embossed deck pad provides excellent traction whilst paddling as well as comfort on the water. The round thumb tail shape allows for smooth, easy rail transfers and pivot turns. The Performer 11’6 Tough-Tec is supplied with FCSII Connect Dolphin 10″ fin, which uses a super-easy ‘click-in’ system. From 9’2 to 11’6, all the 2019 BIC Performer tough-Tec boards features a bungee attachment point on the front of the SUP for securing gear as well as a leash plug at the tail.



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